Walnut Gun Cabinet




Solid Cherry Pie Safe Distressed with Punched Tin.  $650
Solid Cherry Early American Pie Safe
Distressed with Punched
Tin.   Price:  $649.99




Custom Built in Bookcase




Custom Book Case
Custom Bookcase for Tracy Worthington



Detail of Bookcase
Detail of Bookcase




Custom Bar for Kirk Ball




Custom Bar




Custom Bar Side View








Custom Jelly Cupboard
with Starburst Punch Tin
Price:  $495.99






Distressed Pine Jelly Cupboard with Punched Tin
Panels.  Price:   $499.99






Solid Walnut Early American Cabinet
with punched tin
Price:  $499.99






TV Stand – Solid Pine Construction
Distressed. Stained Dark
Walnut with Black Milk Paint.   Price:   $599.99








Kitchen Cabinet and Custom Tile Work wrapped with Tin Panels
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